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Specialty Items

Dog Bones

Butcher Dog Bone

Chef Prefer Ribs e1706737718198

Chef Preferred Ribs

cornedbeef e1706558962546

Corned Beef

head cheese e1704991044798

Head Cheese

Hi Temp Pepper

Hi Temp PepperJack Cheese

Hi Temp Cheddar

Hi Temp Cheddar Cheese

Sliced Corned Beef

Sliced Corned Beef

Side Pork (2)

Sliced Side Pork

Smoked Turk

Smoked Turkey Drums

How to Buy

Due to our licensing we are a Wholesaler only, we are only able to sell to Groceries, Meat Shops, Butcher Shops and Grocery stores.  If your Business wishes to partner with us, please reach out and our Sales Manager will get you set-up with a Sales Person that will partner with you.

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